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Portable solar DC lighting system,

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Solar Power System

Solar System


3.2V LiFePO4


12V Lead Acid Battery

Solar Power system

What is Solar Power System

The role of a battery is to store the electricity generated by the solar panels when light is available and release it when needed.

the traditional lead acid battery with short cycle life, so the new released Lifepo4 battery is warmly welcomed due to its long cycle life and intelligent function (BMS) can compatible with many different brand of solar inverters. we have many different design for different market and prices demanding.

Product 01

Let’s Power is the top renewable
energy solutions in the World

Li-S 3.5KW/5.5KW

Top brand cell LiFePO4 battery lithium iron phosphate battery with grade A quality. Long cycle time, big discharge current, suitable for solar system. Build in 1.2A cell equalizer. With BMS system to optimize the performance, all around protection and unattended operation. LCD display and communication function.

Inverter Output Power

Battery Warranty
3 years

Wall mounted

Battery Capacity
25.6V200AH/ 51.2V200AH

Battery Cycle Life
3000 Cycles

RS485/ RS232/ CAN

Product 02

LM-3601 With MP3/Bluetooth/FM Radio/Answer Calls

Portable solar lighting system also called as Outdoor solar lighting kits, Mini DC lighting system, Portable Solar lanterns, portable solar kits.

Widely used for house lighting, Outdoor lighting, Camping emergency lighting and USB charging, Hiking emergency lighting and power supply, Night market lighting, Children Study while with electricity shortage, also can power DC TV and fans.

System Voltage

Solar Panel
6V 4W*1pcs

DC output& USB output

Power Bank
LiFePO4 3.2V 5000mAh

LED Bulbs
3V 3W*2pcs

Solar &AC




How does a Solar System work?

During the day, the solar panel generates power during sunlight condition, the solar array voltage should meet the requirements of the Solar system input voltage through the series and parallel connection.Then the battery is charged by solar charge controller, and the electric energy converted from the light energy is stored.

At night, the battery pack provides power to the inverter. The DC power is converted into AC power via inverter to power the home appliances via PDS. The discharge of the battery pack is controlled by the solar inverter to ensure the normal use of the battery.

The Solar system should also be equipped with limited load protection and lightning protection devices to protect the system equipment from over-load operation and lightning strikes, and maintain the safe use of the system equipment.

Solar Charge Controller


Let's Power Factory

Let’s Power is an ODM&OEM off grid solar power products Supplier which mainly focus on Solar panel, Solar inverter, Solar battery and Solar home system manufacturing and trading since 2011. we integrated R&D/ production/ marketing/ installation/technical support to offer one stop service to all our customers, Quality and customers satisfaction is always the first priority in our mind. Our products already got all kinds of certificates like TUV, CE, UN38.3, SABER, SONCAP, IEC61215, ISO to meet different market import demanding.

We aim to achieve all country living with power, all children grow up healthy with power.  

Let’s Power, Powering the global.

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We can provide the completed solar system products include the solar inverter, solar panel, solar battery, solar system etc.

Sure and it will be charged. We warmly welcome you try our quality first before bulk orders.

7 days for sample,25 days for bulk order.

25 years warranty for solar panel, 5 years warranty or 3 years warranty for lithium battery, 1 year warranty for solar inverter.

We offer the complete solar system products, we can help for you about the solar system solution,technical training ,solar system installation and local products maintenance and offer one stop service to you.

Sure,Please believe that we are your most reliable partner in China.we can make your business more effective .


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